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1. Swingin' Napoli is a cultural association, in order to participate in our activities you must be an ordinary member. Relative to taking part of Song'SwingFestival the associative quota is included in the cost of registration to the event.


2. To enroll in the Song'Swing is necessary to fill the online REGISTRATION form.


3.Once sent the form, your registration will be elaborated by our reception office. Your registration is valid and effective ONLY if is related to your payment.


4. With the purpose to balance to the best the number of leaders and followers, received your registration, you will be coupled with someone of the other role (a follower if you are leader and vice versa, and obviously only to numerical level to balance the number of Followers and Leader, during the lessons the couples will be made to rotate).

If we don't have available anybody with which to couple you, your nominative will momentarily be inserted in a waiting list. For this we advise to enroll you in couple (with someone of the other role and belonging to the same level).


5.Always for this motive once that your registration will have been approved you cannot point out a possible partner with which you would be you wanted anymore / to enroll, because we will numerically have already balanced your registration and the addition of a partner you/he/she could engrave on the equilibrium leaders / followers of your level.


6.In case of annulment, the penal followings will be held back:


-€ 15,00: actually to 14 days of calendar before the date of beginning of the Festival.


-50% of the total paid: from 15 to 8 days of calendar before the date of beginning of the Festival


-100% of the total paid: from 7 days of calendar before the date of beginning of the Festival.


7. The schedule of the Festival could be modified without foreseeing some reimbursement, in the case of unforeseen event on the trips of the teachers or in case of sudden illness / accident or for other non dependent reasons from our wish.


8. In case of cancellamento of your trip or in case of sudden illness / accident or of whatever circumstance that can cause your absence, some reimbursement is not anticipated if not in the terms of the conditions of annulment. In every case however not you hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to do the possible one to help to try you to replace your booking.


9. Sending us your application of registration to the Song' Swing and to the senses of the artts. 10 and 320 cods.civ. and of the artts 96 and 97 law 22.4.1941, n. 633, law on the right of author, authorizes there to the publication e/o diffusion in any form of his/her own images on the site internet, on printed paper e/o on any other mean of diffusion to the advertising goals of the Song' Swing, as well as to the maintenance of the photos themselves in the computer files.


10. The participants must be of age.


11. Are you under age and do you want to participate? Contact writing us to swing.napoli@gmail.com


12. We ask you to respect the locations in which the Festival will develop him, to look for to maintain her the cleanest and in possible order in the respect of all the participants.


13. We remind you that to access the classrooms where the lessons will be developed, is obligatory to wear the shoes of exchange. We recommend you to choose some shoes with a slippery sole.


14.The organizers won't be held responsible for possible accidents from you caused or suffered during the Festival, neither of the loss or of the theft of personal objects.

Event - Party